Records Storage

KRM currently operates 1 state-of-the-art facility in Limassol - Cyprus, which allows its clients to make better use of their valuable office space and reduce the labor hours needed to retrieve corporate information.


Services at a glance:

  • Pick-Up and Transport

Safe and secured pick-up of your business records from your premises with making a record of the documents that have been taken. Packing and transporting your documents to our archive depots, which are specially designed for this purpose. Each new pick-up of documents from your location is indexed into our database within 24 hours from the time of arrival to our warehouse and is then available for your request.

  • Inventory and Classification

Sorting, indexing, classifying and coding of records according to client’s requirements into KRM’s custom-designed record management system that tracks all activities.

  • Wrapping

The plastic sealing of client records to protect them from humidity, dust, microorganism and any potential damage or losses.

  • Storage

The placement of the wrapped records into specially designed boxes bearing unique coding to ensure fast and confidential retrieval.

  • Retrieval/Web Access to Records

Delivery archived documents within 45 minutes by fax or email.
Delivery of the originals within Limassol area within 60 minutes
Delivery originals in Cyprus within 24 hours
Return of documents after notification that the document is ready to return to their original file.
At the time of delivery or returns of company records, the authorized administrator of your company (Liaison Officer) will receive information about the status of the record by email and can receive full reports on all activities though our Tailor made Customer web interface.

Only authorized users have access to KRM’s record management system via its website to view, search or retrieve any records in storage and safekeeping. Access is guaranteed around the clock, from any location. Using a state-of-the-art coding system, KRM can promptly locate the original record and have it delivered to the client’s premises within a pre-agreed time frame. The completion of the retrieval process will entail the refilling of the record into its designated box and shelf at KRM’s facility once the client has finished using the record and notified KRM for its collection.

Confidential Destruction/Recycling
KRM undertakes on customers’ requests, the secure and confidential destruction of any records whose retention period has expired or are no longer needed. KRM is an environmentally conscious company that recycles all materials and especially paper records eligible for destruction.

Our tailor-made software programs can produce a variety of reports on both paper and electronic records, including audit trails, pick-up and retrieval, log-in activity, and destruction history. The reports can all be exported to Excel.