Data Storage


In today’s modern world for a business to say that it is competitive it has to constantly keep abreast with industry changes and technology but one of the most important, yet often neglected factor, is to be able to know that the electronic information that is stored is managed properly so as to minimize risk associated with loss and damage. For this reason KRM offers ideal storage facilities for various types of data cartridges and optical media. Our specially designed data vault protects your backup storage media from temperature variations, fire and moisture damage. Our Specialized data vaults located in temperature and moisture controlled rooms are also able to protect your media from fire (resistant to 1700 F° for 1 hour) and moisture (12” of water resistant for 24 hours). By outsourcing the safe storage of all your electronic storage media to KRM, you will be ensured not only of the high level of security and safety offered but you will rest assured that you will be in line with all your Disaster Recovery requirements. Schedules can be arranged in accordance to your requirements for the successful rotation of the media kept with us, always transferred to and from you in specially designed fire / moisture protection data movement cases.