Consulting Services

Records Consulting


Consulting services regarding the development of a structured and well organized system of record management to suit the special needs of individual parts of each sector of your company.


We are aware that the boxed records and essentially retained information needs to be kept both secure and accessible until it can be safely destroyed. Our trained professional are here to assist you plan and decide which route to follow with regards to you records management, and design a solution that will help you save time and money.


At you premises we will view and evaluate your content and discuss the following:


-          Best way to separate records into departments for improved department security

-          Discussion of proper indexing methods for easier retrieval access

-          Advise on packing procedure

-          Retrieval methods directed by the customer

-          Retrieval and pickup of the existing stored records


Regardless of the industry sector you company is in, we at  KRM can design a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. By outsourcing records storage to KRM, our clients entrust their retrieval and preservation to a partner of the highest level of professionalism.


Once all the storage aspects have been finalized, out professional team will require the following information to cater your needs:


      How often will new files be added to the system (New document creation and filing needs)  

            Length of storage – Law states records storage for 7 years, or any length the customer might require

       Scheduled dates for various document/records destructions as per customer needs.


Your records are safe from possible natural or other disasters in a space away from their premises and can be managed in the most systematic, cost-efficient, confidential, and productive way.


This service is completely in line with local Cyprus laws 138(I)-2001 & 37(I)-2003, and confronts with international regulations concerning Records storage centres.

All our Clients are treated as Partners and we respect and honour their confidentiality.