Records Storage Facilities

KRM warehouses operate to very high standards of safety and security specifications.

The construction of the warehouse facilities and surrounding areas include 2,5-meter high wired fence, special flood-prevention and fire-protection systems.

Special climate and humidity controls regulated in accordance with international standards ensure optimum care and protection of written (physical) documents and digital files.

Floors are chemically treated to insulate against dust and humidity.


Fire-protection systems

KRM houses water pumps and water-spray pumps. It also conforms to all necessary procedural provisions, required by the State Fire Authorities. Every six months, inspections are conducted by an independent service provider on safety procedures and equipment. Regularly all KRM’s employees are trained on how to handle actual types of fires.

KRM Facilities include:

  • Direct contact & alarm notification with the Cyprus State Fire Service
  • Electronic and laser Smoke detectors
  • Fire-extinguishing hose systems
  • Fire-extinguishers for various types of fire
  • Constant pressurized water supply

Security & Monitoring Systems

KRM facilities are equipped with sophisticated burglary & motion-detection alarm systems, monitored by a security firm 24-hours a day. In addition, the company has in place 24-hours closed-circuit TV (CCTV) security of all indoor and outdoor areas, protecting unauthorized access.


Facilities include: 

  • CCTV
  • Remote controlled gate
  • Secure access control to authorized personnel
  • 24-hour premises monitoring
  • 24-hour security guard patrols in the area

Disinfection System

All files received at KRM’s facilities are subjected to a stringent process of disinfection and anti-parasitic cleaning, to remove harmful microorganisms. This disinfection process is also carried out at regular intervals in all building areas.


The facilities have encased fluorescent lighting in the isles between all storage shelves. There is no direct lighting above all stored material to help prevent wear & tear or possible damage.


All electric cables used within the warehouse are industrial shielded cables.