Management Message

Dear Readers,

Our company has been active since 1980. It is amongst the pioneers in the field of international Forwarding Business. During all these years, we have introduced and applied innovative ideas which have influenced the development and improvement of services currently available in the Cyprus Market.


We continuously invest in human resources, infrastructure and facilities. We are now considered as one of the most credible and reliable companies capable of offering comprehensive services covering all aspects of the 3PL Services, and Records Storage Services within the Cyprus Market.

The integrated and professional services offered by our company at all levels of the Logistics & Supply chain business and Records Management, enable us to seek & propose to the Cyprus and International market, partnerships which envisage to base their growth and development with a reliable partner. We strongly believe that this is a growing need and necessity and our company is here, to play this leading role.

We have chosen the difficult way, which requires continuous quality improvement of our services to our customers and associates. We transact with all our partners with consistency and loyalty. We invest and rely on our workforce. We ensure that all services offered by our company will lead to the full satisfaction of the final recipient. Our aim is nonstop efforts for improvement.

I would like to sincerely thank, all the friends, colleagues and representatives of our company, who for so many years have been loyal and dedicated supporters in our difficult task. But especially I want to express my love and boundless appreciation to all our customers who have worked and cooperated with us, some of them since day one of our establishment. Undoubtedly, we owe our growth to their support and dedication and this puts us in the position that we are today. We assure them that we will continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm to serve and care for them.

In closing I would like to say a bug thank you to all company staff for their genuine interest, efforts and love for the company. With and through them, we managed to keep our company among the most reliable and professional in the Logistics Business.


Our aim and promise is: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT